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HUAI AN HARDWARE CO. LTD. has been using our own-brand DSC to market in Taiwan and all around the world since 1975. We are the only company specializing in steam traps production in Taiwan. Our main production includes high and low pressure Inverted Bucket Steam Traps, Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps, Thermostatic Steam Traps, Thermodynamic Steam Traps and Bimetallic Steam Traps five kinds of steam traps.

Our main goals are not only to help the factory for energy saving, machine effectiveness, lower cost and environmental protection, but also to enjoy our best high quality products. DSC guarantee our repair service for 1 to 3 years.

Since 2003, we have established SHANGHAI GOOD WAY VALV CO. LTD in Shanghai City, China. We welcome all interested parties to join us for expansion, cooperation and marketing. Also, OEM and ODM are available for our business. We like you to visit our shop at your convenience.

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